Albert Escolà

Understands the architecture as a commitment between the client and the architect, as a director of an orchestra and his team whom to guide. A number of disciplines and a specific labour: to come until the end contributing the best solutions in all the aspects.

During his path Albert Escolà specializes himself in the field of museography and ephemeral architecture as well as also it develops projects of rehabilitation and interior design.

Albert Escolà is an Architect licensed by the Technical University of Spain in the year 2008. It has a long labour experience after having collaborated from 2004 in the professional office Alterations, s.l., where he acquired practical knowledge for the project development of architecture, urbanism and design.

After several years linked in Spain realizing all kinds of projects between Barcelona and Madrid, in 2013 Albert Escolà opens way towards Middle East where it resides until today.

From his office in Tel Aviv it continues developing works of architecture in both countries supporting, when it is necessary, of local offices.

In 2015 opens his office in the heart of Tel Aviv. Founding partner of ESAI (Escolà – Shakked Architectural Innovation) with Tom Shakked, is the platform where Albert Escolà can continue developing his work so much in the world of the architecture as in the museography.


Is about the creation of understanding and commitment between our clients and the process of architecture and design.

With a unique combination of disciplines and experience, we are following each project while experimenting with materials and synchronizing spaces with environments.

Our solutions and services include both residential and commercial spaces. We put strong ideas to work with a passion to create spaces with distinctive atmospheres. These are accomplished by the cultural research and constant design investigation.